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A Federal judge today ordered the seizure of 1. After Judge John W. The United States Attorney for New Jersey, Michael Chertoff, said his office had filed a complaint on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration contending that the labeling on the condoms was "false and misleading, because it fails to reveal that natural-membrane condoms are ineffective for preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

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After several weeks of worrying about the broken condom, Resnic got tested for HIV. The test came back positive. The odds of contracting HIV from a single act of unprotected anal sex are extremely low—experts put the risk below 1 in

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Condoms are natural products: up until years ago, they were made of the swim bladders of fish and sheep appendices. However, these condoms were not elastic, and for this reason a bow was sewn on to keep them from slipping off. Latex, the milky sap of the rubber tree, eventually became the preferred material for this use.

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Before re-entering the social wars, she visited her gynecologist. Anne had long used a diaphragm to prevent pregnancy but feared this would provide little protection against AIDS, the acquired immune deficiency syndrome for which there is no cure. The doctor suggested that she stay with the diaphragm, but also invest in a packet of condoms.

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Schmid promoted condoms to the United States military as a method of disease prevention; in fact, soldiers supplied with them were much less likely to get venereal disease. Once an impoverished German-Jewish immigrant Julius Schmid became known as the king of condoms by selling reliable modern contraception and making millions in the process. Skins Julius Schmid was among the many men who contributed to the development of modern contraception.

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Lambskin condoms also known as natural condoms are a type of male condom. They are made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb, so these condoms are truly a natural animal product. Lambskin condoms are the oldest type of all condoms.

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One of every five batches of condoms tested in a government inspection program over the last four months failed to meet minimum standards for leaks, according to the U. Food and Drug Administration, which termed the failure rate, 1 out of 50 condoms, unexpectedly high. At the same time, ongoing laboratory research in both the United States and Canada has already led to the conclusion that lambskin condoms, apparently preferred by gays who engage in high-risk sex, allow the leakage of the AIDS, herpes and hepatitis B viruses.

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From colored to textured to flavored, there is truly an endless amount of styles to choose from. But when all is said and done, your choices end up coming down to two major categories: latex or lambskin. But what the hell is the deal with "lambskin" condoms?

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The researchers found that the AIDS virus leaked in one of the 10 condoms tested in each of three brands, and six of 25 tested in the fourth. The government has emphasized condom use without regard to possible differences among brands. The 1,page report of the federally funded study, obtained Monday by The Times under the Freedom of Information Act, also listed 10 top-ranked condom brands that performed well in a wide variety of laboratory tests. Overall, among the thousands of condoms tested, the study found that 0.


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