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Madonna releases her 14th studio album, Madame X, on June 14th inspired and influenced largely by her move to Lisbon. This is music unlike anything she has released, before yet at the same time it is strangely familiar in parts. A global romp of an album that is as eclectic in styles and sounds as the many personas of Madame X herself.

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Have you ever heard of the Madonna complex? It has nothing to do with Madonna the entertainer. Its legacy can be traced back to Sigmund Freud, the great Psychoanalyst and his psychosexual theories.

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Michael Borcina said he lied to investigators "to protect Madonna". The ex-boyfriend of Madonna Badgerwho lost her three daughters and her parents to a Christmas Day house fire innow claims the grieving mother may be at fault for the deadly blaze. Badger, 51, and year-old Borcina were the only survivors.

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Friction between the pop singer and local police had captured global headlines and Supt. Bergen, a year-old Toronto constable at the time, was grappling with his own perspective on the situation. As a team we were all together. The tour had already been generating controversy for its racy themes.

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Madonna made her debut in with the album 'Madonna'. The album was a great success, followed by the album 'Like a Virgin' in The album was sold six million times in the United States alone.

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In retrospect, this is pretty funny. Aside from the implication in the chorus that Madonna wasn't actually a virgin—she only felt like one—there isn't necessarily any heretical content in "Like a Virgin" at all. It's ultimately a sweet, peppy i.

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There goes Madonna, classing up the joint again. Take that, Taliban! Malala was attacked Oct.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political event and Madonna had been made aware of this. The Queen of Pop appeared at the top of a flight of steps, dressed in a cape and hood and wearing a metal breastplate. Brandishing a cross, she stepped slowly towards the crowd at the Expo Tel Aviv and sung her hit Like A Prayer to raucous applause.

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Madonna's explicit coffee-table book Sex is the most sought after out-of-print title in the US of the past 12 months, according to BookFinder. The singer's limited-edition picture book caused controversy when it was first released for its risque images and went on to be a collector's item. The book search engine's annual report tracks the most searched-for out-of-print titles.


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