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Catholics believe the Eucharistor Communion, is both a sacrifice and a meal. We believe in the real presence of Jesus, who died for our sins. As we receive Christ's Body and Blood, we also are nourished spiritually and brought closer to God.

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It raises the Eucharist above all the sacraments as "the perfection of the spiritual life and the end to which all sacraments tend. The Eucharist has always been one of the most important aspects of Christianity. The Catechism of the Catholic Church strongly asserts the "Real Presence" of Jesus' body in the Eucharist; this is to say that the sacrament is not symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus but rather that it is his body and blood.

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I was asked to preside at such a service. I went to the sacristy to vest and was presented with a monstrance which I will never forget. The monstrance is a sacred vessel made of precious metal wherein the priest or the deacon enthrones the consecrated Eucharistic Host for public worship.

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According to the New Testamentthe rite was instituted by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper ; giving his disciples bread and wine during the Passover mealJesus commanded his followers to "do this in memory of me" while referring to the bread as "my body" and the cup of wine as "the new covenant in my blood". The elements of the Eucharist, sacramental bread leavened or unleavened and sacramental wine or by some grape juiceare consecrated on an altar or a communion table and consumed thereafter. Communicants, those who consume the elements, may speak of "receiving the Eucharist", as well as "celebrating the Eucharist". Lutherans believe the true body and blood of Christ are really present "in, with, and under" the forms of the bread and wine sacramental union.

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And Jesus in the sacred Host, from the altar of our hearts, can repeat to each of us what He said to St. Augustine beautifully illustrates even better how Mary makes herself our own and unites herself to each one of us in Holy Communion. He says, "The Word is the Food of the Angels.

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Holy Thursdaythe day on which Catholics celebrate the institution of the Sacrament of Holy Communion at the Last Supper, falls most often in April, and so it is no surprise that the Catholic Church dedicates this month to devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Other Christians, most notably the Eastern Orthodox, some Anglicans, and some Lutherans, believe in the Real Presence; that is, they believe, as we Catholics do, that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ in the sacrament of the altar though only Catholics define this change as transubstantiation. However, only the Catholic Church has developed the practice of Eucharistic adoration.

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Communion in the hand is a sacrilege Each Communion in the hand brings more punishment This is a sacrilege in the eyes of the Eternal Father, and must not be continued, for you only add to your punishment when you continue on in the ways that have been found to be unpleasing to the Eternal Father.

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The entire Eucharistic celebration leads towards the moment of Communion since the table of the Word implores its completion with the Eucharistic Bread. As well, the consecration of the gifts not only tends towards Christ glorifying and thanking God, but also towards the sacramental union of the faithful with Christ, eating of His Flesh that is given up and the Blood that is shed for the salvation of mankind. To receive communion is to receive Christ Himself who has offered Himself for us.

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After at least two years of preparation this could take longer depending on each child's readiness and desire the child will be Baptized and receive First Eucharist at the same time. This requires faithful participation in Religious Education Class at the child's grade level throughout the process. Weekly participation in Mass is expected for the entire family.


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