Scareless breast surgery

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People travel from all over the United States to have Dr. Pensler perform this revolutionary scarless reduction surgery. Many women reject the idea of having the "traditional" breast reduction surgery once they learn the process.

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Over the past five years, Dr. His vast experience with this type of surgery and his training as an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery has allowed him to teach this new and useful technique. Moskovitz has been on national panels on the subject of breast liposuction reduction and he is the only surgeon teaching this procedure to other surgeons under the auspices of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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We perform this surgery in our Manhattan office as well as both of our New Jersey offices. Breast reduction procedures allow women to move comfortably, reduce back pain and feel drastically better about themselves. Talk To Us.

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The endoscopic technique used for the procedure means a shorter surgery time and less bleeding during the procedure, as well as a shorter recovery and a smaller, practically invisible scar. This simpler approach results in less damage to the breast tissue, an important consideration for women who may want to breastfeed in the future. A tunnel is then created through the subcutaneous fat that rests above your abdominal muscles, and a pocket is made in your breast area for the implant. The empty implant is connected to a special filling tube and pushed through the tunnel to the pocket before being filled with sterile saline solution.

Gray is the leader and most experienced with 20 Years and 2, cases. Women with oversized breasts frequently suffer both physical and emotional difficulties, including feelings of self-consciousness, low self-esteem, poor body image and depression. It is also often difficult to exercise comfortably or find clothes that fit well.

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Another bonus is that TUBA decreases the recovery time in the average patient, as compared to other incision choices. Many patients report less recovery pain, less post-operative wound care and decreased down-time. Visit the pages of this website to learn more about this advanced, and often misunderstood, surgery and see breast augmentation surgery in a whole new light

Like the name implies, scarless breast augmentation is ideal for minimizing the appearance of scars on or around the breast after breast implant incisions have healed. If you ask anyone who is considering the procedure about her wish list, minimal-to-no scarring is bound to be one of her priorities, and rightfully so. This procedure works around the need for larger incisions under the breast or around the nipple and augments the breast through tiny openings in discreet areas.

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Hoefflin performs a specialized liposculpting technique in which the breasts can be reduced without leaving the visible scars found after traditional breast reduction. This unique technique of liposuction offers several advantages compared to traditional methods. These include less trauma to the breast, faster recovery, few visible scars, and fewer postoperative complications, improvement in shoulder and neck pain, and more natural appearing and immediate results. Liposuction breast reduction will produce a smaller version of the breasts that a woman had before the procedure.

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For a significant amount of people, having large breasts isn't all fun and games. Carrying an extra few pounds around can cause all sorts of problems, from shoulder grooving, to back and neck pain, and even sweating and rashes. But breast reduction surgeryalthough quite common, is often misunderstood.

Breast reconstruction that leaves no visible scars on the breast is possible for a subset of patients. This article reviews a cohort of 10 patients who underwent 14 autologous breast reconstructions. To achieve a reconstruction without visible breast scars, the mastectomy and autologous reconstruction are carried out through a periareolar incision.


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