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We got new neighbours in the apartment below us. Since the day they moved in, we've been smelling this kind of faint, but very distinctive, smell of sulphur off and on through the day and into the evening. I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether there is some drug that produces that smell when it is used or manufactured.

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It's a pretty large fruit with a husk covered in thorns. In the Philippines, durian is largely grown in Mindanao, particularly in the Davao region. From where I came from, durian — like balut — is always a hit or miss.

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Top definition. A thinly veiled metaphor, masquerading as a fruit. It's slimy, it smells funnyit grosses you out the first time, but then you swear it's the greatest thing ever

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Advertisement Close X. This guy is really excited about his purchase. Vietnam—especially the province I have spent most of my time reporting from—has loads of delightful fruits.

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Foto von Hafiz Issadeen via Flickr. And yet, for whatever reason, people continue to be drawn to durianwith everyone from Pizza Hut to condom companies capitalizing on a stench that is familiar to millions in Southeast Asia and has proven to be a huge draw for Western travelers seeking an extreme gustatory sensation that they can use to describe their super-"authentic" travel experiences to friends and dates when they get back home. But a fundamental question remains, or at least, remained: Why does durian smell so bad?

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The infamous Durian. Known for smelling like old gym socks, being a pain in the ass to open, and tasting pretty fucking sweet. Is it worth the effort to eat on of these?

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All posts must be cooking related. The name kind of says it all. If the topic is questionable, then it most likely isn't OK to post.

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A Thai scientist has developed a stink-free version of durian, a delicious fruit that looks like a T Rex's scrotum and smells like the ass of a huge, long-dead prehistoric cave-bear. No one can say yet whether the denatured fruit tastes as good as the original, though many fear that it will be like one of those red-red-red tomatoes that never goes rotten but taste like cardboard. Songpol experimented with hundreds of combinations before discovering Chantaburi No.


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